Communication Notebooks Online

I have a child using a communication notebook to help me keep track of progress, homework, and so on from school and therapy sessions, and to help the providers see what else is going on and update each other. This is a physical composition notebook, so teachers and providers only have it for the duration of a session, which limits how much documentation they can do in a 30-minute session. I’d like to move the notebook online so it doesn’t get lost and everyone can use it more without having to take time out of a session. An online version would be easier to link to a calendar for schedule and reminders and also to correlate with other electronic records. I set up a project page here and hope to have packaged mockups leading to a live demo soon. Check out the project page.

Fun and games: Memory Match Cube

We are building a seemingly simple and free to play game we call “Memory Match Cube”. Its like the card game Memory, where you turn over pairs of cards to find matches, but here we’ve put the cards on the sides of a cube! You can rotate the cube, click to reveal the symbol, then try to find the match! We hope to add more options and help soon, but you can try it now at (note, requires WebGL support in your browser. Should work in Chrome on desktop OS but not tested on other browsers or mobile yet!)

Match the cubes at

Cloud savings: open source project to save money on cloud operations

We’re publishing a GitHub project to help manage services on AWS on-demand and spot instances. Our demo goals include spot instance launch on request or on schedule and managing uptime of on-demand instances using hibernate behavior to minimize compute costs. Instances would be launched or revived on demand, for example when a client tries to connect to the server’s inbound TCP port, or on schedule to avoid any latency.

There will be a Cloud Savings project page here linked at right, but most of the good stuff will be on GitHub.  Check out our progress at