Communication Notebooks Online

The need: Students need a way for parents, teachers, caregivers, and service providers to communicate with each other to share information on progress, issues, homework, and more. One common approach is with a communication notebook, which the student keeps and each person who interacts with the student can read other notes and add their own. This is consistent but requires that the student have the notebook at all times, and providers can only see the note when they have it. This limits ability to use the notebook to track progress, for example where an OT or PT has only 30 minutes to conduct a session and write a note.

Our solution: We are working to build electronic notebooks to be used for student progress. Providers could then review and update these notes without time pressure of a session window while parents and others could review updates at any time. Some features we are planning would be notebook search, ability to add photos and video where appropriate to capture activities, schedule with reminders, secure storage to protect personal information, and more.

Some features we are working on:

Log-style notebooks where everyone can read and add notes with rich text, pictures and video, and attach documents like handouts and homework

Calendar function to schedule and track appointments and interactions and help to organize the notes along with sessions, classes, etc.

End-to-end security and encryption to enable compliance with HIPAA and other PII/PHI protections

Get in touch: Let us know if you would like to try out an electronic notebook and what features would make it really useful to you. Contact us at Woodside Labs Support to find out more.