Smart Home – lights, camera, action!

Project objective

I’m working on Smart Home things, such as switches, sensors, lighting, security.  I’ll post notes here and on the blog on things I build and try to add standalone pages for things that seem to be useful.

Things I’ve built

NeoPixel lighting

I got the idea from some Kickstarter ideas I follow, and ultimately from this light and sound project:

I thought I’d start a bit simpler with a desktop accent light following directions from the Adafruit Neopixel Uberguide.

KIT SO FAR: Raspberry Pi Zero W, 5V / 24W power supply (generic, sourced from DigiKey), 1 meter NeoPixel strand (Adafruit P2846), Ikea LAMPAN tale lamp (200.554.21)

So far I have a string of 60 NeoPixel lights wound around some PVC coupling installed in the Ikea LAMPAN table lamp.  The LAMPAN table lamp is a handy enclosure:  it’s only US$4.99, the shade is a decent size, the base is hollow with channels for wires, and easy enough to disassemble by using needlenose pliers to unscrew the cord holder from the base and push the cord and bulb holder out.  As a bonus, you now also have a switched 110V appliance cord!

The lamp is controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero W via GPIO and powered by a separate power supply.  I’m using the rpi python library for low-level control.  I also am building out a web app to control it using jQuery and Spectrum Colorpicker, which might be the more useful bit to share when I finish it.  The Pi Zero W also supports Bluetooth so I’ll experiment with that for control from my mobile phone.

Neopixel light without shade
Neopixel light without shade
Light with shade
Completed table lamp. Neopixels are under the shade, Pi Zero W and wires in the base.
UI to control the lamp
UI to control the lamp

TODO: finish and share software, and possibly add functionality such as environmental sensing or security as the Pi Zero W provides a lot more computing power, networking, USB / GPIO / camera ports (if you look closely in the assembled picture, I attached a BMP180 temperature/pressure module to start environmental monitoring)

Building: Baby monitor

(coming soon)

Building: Alexa-enabled Pi

(coming soon)